Appreciation rate
5%  per year
Owner's Equity
Value of property minus outstanding mortgage
Today's sale price
90%  of property value, if sold today
Terms of agreement with Pauzible
Typically max of   10%  of property value, with 5yr or 10yr maturity
Repayment Type
Interest only


1 Regular monthly payout of interest, principal paid at maturity.
2 Regular monthly payout of interest and principal.
3 Pauzible does not provide debt, so an APRC does not apply. However, It is displayed for illustrative purposes only. Actual payout depends on property price at the time of settlement.
For ease of comparison, a financing amount of £50,000 has been assumed for all financing categories.
Bridging loan assumed at 1.5% per month for 5 years, with arrangement, exit, valuation and legal fees of £3,240.
Personal loan assumed at 9.99% per year for 5 years, with no arrangement or exit fees.
Pauzible term of 5 years with 0% property price appreciation, with valuation, searches, legal, and arrangement fees of £2,740.


Sorry we are not catering to extreme loan to value condition at the moment.

Unlock your equity

Make your BTL work again

Enjoy monthly payments for up to 5 years. In return, Pauzible receives a small portion of the future value of your buy-to-let property when you sell, remortgage, or buy back Pauzible’s right.

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Choose Pauzible. Choose Growth

Why sell today and lose, when you can hold and grow
without Pauzible
Owner equity
If sold today
Estimated property value
Outstanding mortgage
Payment period
This is the time frame over which you want the money to be disbursed.

Projected exit: Year 5

Property appreciation rate: 5%

with Pauzible
Owner equity
in 5 years
Upto 10 yrs to sort finances
Keep most of the future upside
Keep your cherished property
Make your cashflow positive again
5 years
For illustration purposes only
Present value
Future value
You can get up to
per month for 5 years
in total
without Pauzible
Owner equity
If sold today
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Supporting BTL landlords


cash from Pauzible

Address negative cashflow on your buy to let investment


your BTL equity

Don't be forced to sell your BTL property at a loss


with your investment

Continue to benefit from future price appreciation

Comparison Table


equity in your property


Don't be a forced seller of your BTL


Retain your investment


Allow time for recovery


Settle Pauzible's share in the future

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How Pauzible works

Enter Pauzible

Receive monthly payments from Pauzible for up to 5 years

Pauzible's right

In return for the monthly payments, Pauzible gets a participation in the value of your BTL property when you settle

Settle with Pauzible

Anytime during the term (5-year period), settle with Pauzible when you sell, remortgage the property, or buy out Pauzible's right. If at the end of term, the agreement has not been settled, Pauzible has the right to buy your share of the property at market value


What does Pauzible do?

Pauzible offers a unique opportunity to unlock the equity in your investment property. With Pauzible, you can receive monthly payments for up to 5 years, providing you with essential cash flow in the current market environment. This helps protect your buy-to-let investment. In exchange, Pauzible obtains a share of your property's value, proportional to the payments made to you. 

During the agreed term (5-year), you can settle Pauzible's share by selling or remortgaging your property or by choosing to buy back our share. After the agreed term, Pauzible reserves the right to purchase your share of the property at market value.

How does Pauzible's agreement is structured?

1. Contract Exchange: Pauzible and the landlord enter into a contract for the future purchase of the property, with completion scheduled after 5 years.

2. Regular Cash Flow: The landlord receives regular deposit payments from Pauzible for an agreed period, typically two to five years. No interest or monthly payments are due to Pauzible during this period.

3. Settlement Options: During the product term of 5 years, the landlord can sell or remortgage the property, or buy out Pauzible's right to complete the purchase. Any of these actions constitute a settlement event.

4. Completion of Purchase: If the agreement is not settled by the end of the 5-year term, Pauzible will complete the purchase of the property at the then-current market price, accounting for the percentage of deposit payments already made.

Who is Pauzible right for?

Pauzible's Buy to Let product may be the right solution for landlords looking for effectively unlock the equity in their BTL and who intend to own and retain their investment property for more than three years and have sufficient equity in the property. To find out if you qualify, click on Get started and we will be in touch.

How will Pauzible share be valued when I buy it back?

You have the option to buy out Pauzible's share at any time during the 5-year term of the contract. We will use an independent third-party valuation to determine the market value of the property at the time of buyback. This valuation would be used to determine the value of our share. However, if you were to buy back or sell within the first 3 years of the contract, Pauzible will value the house no lower than at the start of the agreement.

If I go with Pauzible, who owns the property?

You still own your investment property! You control the property and receive all the benefits of house ownership, such as rental income. Pauzible is not an owner. We, however, share a portion of the future value of your property, as an investor.

How long can I receive monthly payments from Pauzible for?

You can usually receive monthly payments from Pauzible, for periods of between 2 and 5 years, in return for a share of the value of your property. If you need to extend for longer at the end of the period, we might be able to do so, provided you qualify.

What happens if the value of my property goes down?

If the value of your property goes up, you make more and we make more. If the value goes down, we both make less. However, if you were to buy back or sell within the first 3 years of the contract, Pauzible will value the house no lower than at the start of the agreement.

How is Pauzible different from lending options such as a second mortgage?

Unlike a second mortgage, Pauzible adds no extra debt. No extra monthly payments either.

Who are the team behind Pauzible?

Our leadership team consists of passionate and seasoned professionals, who, on average, have over two decades of experience in mortgage and home ownership financing, building and using technology and delivering enhanced customer experience. Our objective with the buy to let product is to best protect landlords from losing their investment property by helping unlock BTL equity in exchange for a share of the value of their property.

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