Assumptions & Disclaimer

1. 5% mortgage rate for a remaining 25 year mortgage term.

2. Over the last 50 years UK property prices have increased on average by 5% per year.
This calculator is for informational and illustrative purposes only and is based on some general hypothetical assumptions. The calculations may not reflect results based on your actual individual circumstances. The pricing methodology used for the purposes of the calculations is proprietary and is subject to change without notice. Past performance may not be a reflection of future results.

Pauzible Calculator

Estimated property value
Mortgage on the property
Payment period
This is the time frame over which you want the money to be disbursed.
Product term
Assumptions & Disclaimer
You can get up to
per month for 5 years
in total
Projected property value
5 years
Present value
Future value
You can get up to
per month for 5 years
in total

Projected exit: Year 5

Property appreciation rate: 5%

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