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Pauzible pays the difference between your previous lower and new higher remortgage payments for up to five years, in return for a share in the value of your existing home.

How much can you get?

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Remortgage worries sorted


your mortgage jump


Our top-up payments offset the increase in your mortgage costs for up to five years


a forced sale


No extra debt and live in your home exactly as before mortgage rates rise


your homeownership


Create new memories in your cherished home

Why Pauzible?


Retain your



Agree terms and continue to live in your home as before


Lower monthly payments during the pause


Resume full mortgage payments after pause


Settle via buy back, remortgage or sale of home

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How Pauzible works

Fixed rate ends soon

Your fixed rate mortgage is coming to an end. Your new mortgage rate is expected to be significantly higher


New rate unaffordable

New monthly mortgage payment is too high. You consider selling your house


Enter Pauzible

Pauzible pays your mortgage hike for up to 5 years, while you make low monthly mortgage payments as before


Pauzible's share

In return for the monthly mortgage increase payments, Pauzible gets a share in the value of your home


Resume full monthly

After the pause, our payments stop and you resume making full mortgage payments while still keeping your home


Settle when you want

Anytime during a 10-year period, settle our share if you sell or remortgage your property, or if you decide to buy back our share. After 10 years pauzible has the right to buy your share of the property at market value



What does Pauzible do?

Pauzible provides you with the opportunity to freeze your mortgage payments at the same level as before the remortgage, for the period of your current fixed rate subject to a maximum of five years, thereby protecting your home for you. At the end of this freeze period, you resume your full mortgage payments.  In return we receive a share in the value of your home based on the amount of mortgage payments we agree to make on your behalf. You have the option to buy back our share or sell your property anytime during the ten-year period. Otherwise, you settle with us when you remortgage or sell the house.

Who is Pauzible right for?

Pauzible may be the right solution for homeowners, who intend to own and remain in their property for more than three years and have sufficient equity in the home. To find out if you qualify, express your interest and we will be in touch.

Who is Pauzible not right for?

While it is not possible to list all the cases for whom the product is not suitable, some of them are highlighted below.
- if you intend to live in your property for only a short period of 3 years or less
- if you have not built sufficient equity in your home
- if you have a recent history of payment arrears on your debt such as mortgage, credit card, personal debt etc.
- if you have had a bankruptcy, IVA, CCJ or DRO in the recent past
- certain types of properties are not eligible such as mobile homes, houseboats, holiday homes, park homes, farms.

Can I buy out Pauzible's share in my home?

You have the option to buy out Pauzible's share at any time during the 10-year term of the contract.  We will use an independent third-party valuation to determine the market value of the property at the time of buyback. This valuation would be used to determine the value of our share. However, if you were to buy back or sell within the first three years of the contract, Pauzible will value the house no lower than at the start of the agreement.

If I go with Pauzible, who owns the home?

You still own the home! You control the property and receive all the benefits of home ownership, such as sole occupancy rights. Pauzible is not an owner. We, however, share a portion of the future value of your home, as an investor.

For how long can I pause my mortgage increase with Pauzible?

You can usually pause your mortgage hike for periods of between 2 and 5 years, in return for a share of the value of your home. If you need to extend for longer at the end of the period, we might be able to do so, provided you qualify.

What happens if the value of my home goes down?

Pauzible receives a share of the sale or market price of the home. If the value goes up, you make more and we make more. If the value doesn’t go up, we make less.

How is  Pauzible different from lending options such as a second mortgage?

Unlike a second mortgage, Pauzible adds no extra debt. No extra monthly payments either. So at the end of the pause period, you would resume making the full mortgage payments, which could be higher than the amounts you paid prior to the remortgage.

What are the fees and costs associated with Pauzible?

Pauzible charges a fee equal to 3% of the transaction value for arranging the investment. Also our share of the value of your home is based on the total amount of mortgage payments we agree to make on your behalf. There are no other Pauzible fees. There would be additional third party costs such as valuation fees, title searches etc.

Who are the team behind Pauzible?

Our leadership team consists of passionate and seasoned professionals, who, on average, have over two decades of experience in mortgage and home ownership financing, building and using technology and delivering enhanced customer experience. Our objective is to protect homeowners from losing their homes by helping pause their mortgage hike in exchange for a share of the value of their property.

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