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We pay your mortgage

We pay your

You pursue your dreams

Pause your mortgage payments for up to three years, in return for a share of equity in your home. No extra debt, simply repurchase our share when you refinance or sell.

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Pause your mortgage
Keep your home


your mortgage

We pay all your mortgage related payments including principal, interest, taxes and insurance for a pre-agreed period


your goals

You take advantage of your mortgage freedom to pursue your goals without the stress of making housing payments


to new heights

After the pause, the new and improved you has no additional debt - simply buy back our share when you refinance or sell

Pursue your dreams

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Your home fuels

your dreams


Keep living in your home


Pursue your dreams during the pause


Resume same low payments as before


Buy back or settle at refinance or sale

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How Pauzible works


Initial enquiry is quick and is done online. Your credit will not be affected


If you qualify, we make an offer and conduct an appraisal before sending terms


You take any necessary independent advice before agreeing our terms and conditions


Make the most of your pause period by taking actions to realise your cherished dreams


Achieve even higher goals, resume paying the same mortgage payments as before the pause

About us

At Pauzible, our vision is to help homeowners pursue their goals by redefining the home financing industry.

Our leadership team consists of passionate and seasoned professionals, who on average have over two decades of experience in mortgage and home financing.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Pauzible do?

Pauzible provides you with the opportunity to pause payments on your current mortgage for an agreed period, giving you the freedom to achieve your aspirations - whether you're thinking of starting your own business, getting another degree, or taking that long-awaited dream vacation. At the end of this pause period, you resume your mortgage payments, same as before. In return we receive a share of the equity in your home based on the amount of mortgage payments we make on your behalf, plus a fee for every year that our equity share is not realized. You have the option to buy back our share anytime during the 10-year period. Otherwise, you settle with us when you refinance or sell the house.

Who are the team behind Pauzible?

Our leadership team consists of passionate and seasoned professionals, who, on average, have over two decades of experience in mortgage and home financing, building and using technology and delivering enhanced customer experience. We want to empower homeowners to embrace new possibilities in their lives by giving them freedom from mortgage payments for an agreed period in exchange for a share of the equity in their home.

Can I buy out Pauzible's share in my home?

You have the option to buy out Pauzible's share at any time during the 10-year term of the contract. We will use an independent third-party appraisal to determine the market value of the property at the time of buyback. This appraised value of the property would  be used to determine the value of our share. However, if you were to buy back or sell within the first three years of  the contract, Pauzible will value the house no lower than at the start of the agreement.

If I go with Pauzible, who owns the home?

You  still own the home! You control the property and receive all the benefits of home ownership, such as sole occupancy rights. Pauzible is not an owner. We, however, share a portion of the future value of your home as an investor, secured with a lien.

How long can I pause my mortgage with Pauzible?

You can usually pause your mortgage for periods of between 1 and 3 years, in return for a share of the equity in your home. If you need to extend for longer at the end of the period, we can do so provided you qualify.

What happens if the value of my home goes down?

Pauzible receives a share of the sale or market price of the home. If the value goes up, you make more and we make more. If the value doesn’t go up, we make less.

How is  Pauzible different from other lending options such as a HELOC?

A HELOC or home equity loan is a loan - typically requiring a regular monthly payment. Non-payment of interest or principal on a HELOC or home equity loan could lead to a foreclosure. Pauzible, on the other hand is a home equity investment (HEI)- an investment in your property. Unlike a cash-out refinance, second mortgage or HELOC, Pauzible adds no additional debt. No extra monthly payments either. We, in fact, take away the burden of mortgage payments during the pause period. At the end of the pause period, you continue to make the same monthly mortgage payments as before the pause period. Investment returns for us can be positive or negative depending on the house price at the time of settlement, and are realized only when our equity share is bought out, or the property is sold or refinanced.

What are the fees and costs associated with Pauzible?

Pauzible charges a fee equal to 3% of the transaction value for arranging the investment. Also our share of the equity in your home is based on (i) the total amount of mortgage payments we make on your behalf, and (ii) a fee for every year that our equity share is not realized. There are no other Pauzible fees. There would be additional third party costs such as appraisal fees, title searches etc.

Who is Pauzible right for?

Pauzible may be the right solution for homeowners, who intend to own and remain in their property for more than three years and have sufficient equity in their home. To find out if you qualify, express your interest and we will be in touch!